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Wig Accessories - Estetica - Sea Salt Spray Accessories Estetica Accessories

Wig Accessories - Estetica - Sea Salt Spray

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Ever wish you could get the look and feel of perfect summer hair even when summer is over? Wish no more! Estetica Designs is proud to welcome Sea Salt Spray to our line of hair care products. Our Sea Salt Spray is meticulously formulated to give you beautiful waves and gorgeous, piecey texture all in one magic little bottle. With just a few spritzes, you can achieve the effortless, carefree look of summer hair as well as help prolong your wig’s natural waves in between washings.

Achieve perfect pieciness - Our Sea Salt Spray is capable of bringing separation and
pieciness to both wavy and straight styles, while also creating a volumizing boost! What you can achieve is a carefree, windswept look like you just stepped off the beach,
or a salon inspired, piecey style full of gorgeous volume.

Add style defining texture - Whether you’re after beach hair or just a touch more texture, Sea Salt Spray is the product for you. Add a light spritz for soft, subtle texture, or go all out for depth defying results. You’ll get your perfect look all without the sticky, stiff feel of other styling products.

Bring back the waves - Stop worrying about your wavy styles going flat. Sea Salt Spray is the right formula to bring your waves back to life. A simple spritz and some scrunching is all you need to bring back lost waves or bring more definition to ordinary waves.

Scented | ***For Synthetic Hair***


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