Maybe you have wondered, as you scroll through pages and pages of wigs, flipping from brand to brand, a glass of ice tea sitting next to your computer, and the idea occurs that you have absolutely no idea what to choose! Well, I will tell you this, I am not going to choose for you, that would be way too much work… haha, but honestly because I think you know your style best! What I want to share with you is the story behind some of those brands that you see. Maybe you already love these brands and have been ordering them for years, or perhaps you are new to them and had no idea they existed. Regardless, their history is filled with inspiration and captivating passion, the foundation of what makes you feel like a boss today! 



The drive behind this brand has been striving forward the last 20 years! Alan Eaton realized from the beginning the importance of our hair and how much it describes who we are as an individual. Alan discovered the passion behind creating Envy when he watched one of his dear friends go through loss of hair due to needing medical treatment.  This spurred on his desire to address the issue he saw at hand and help others who struggled with similar situations to be able to find an alternative solution. His hope was that it would be comfortable and could reignite that feel good sensation about something we all love. This really shows through the pride that Envy takes in their innovative “EnvyHair,” a unique blend of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair. What they discovered was that this combination gives an amazingly silky-soft feel and great versatility to their styles. With Envy’s eco-friendly packaging you are sure to enjoy receiving their classic favorites such as Kelsey and Dakota or the latest Tandi and Selena!




As many of you know this brand began across the pond as they would say, European based, but perhaps what you didn’t know is that it began in a van. I know.., I am as shocked as you are, but it does sound like a good story doesn’t it? Ellen Wille had vision, and what many of us know is that vision itself is great but often goes nowhere unless there is some hard work and determination involved. She started off with her own handmade designs for wigs and began to drive across country selling them to salons. I can imagine her hitting a pothole, hair in the air, bobby pins flying, sorted boxes tumbling into a heaping pile... well it probably didn’t happen quite like that, but I am sure she ran into some interesting situations as she traveled and started to form a business that would one day be called Europe’s #1 Wig Brand. Ellen prides her brand on the detail put into each item and believes that the uniqueness with each color job and cut brings a piece that you can explicitly call your own! She has moved the wave of fashion with pieces like Change, Fortune, Rich Mono, and now continues to do so with her newest styles Cool, Alive, Flirt, and Turn!


There you have it, two wonderful brands and some history that I hope inspires you as you go about your day! We love all of our brands and if you would love to hear more about one in specific then post in the comments below! Look forward to hearing from you and as always, Enjoy Your Day Wherever You Are!