In Part 1 of our topper series, Emily gave us a ton of great information on how to pick out a topper. If you haven't checked it out, I would highly recommend giving it a read here

 Now let's get into some of our favorite ways to utilize addition pieces, featuring some of our favorite styles!

 Hair dye can be harsh on your bio hair, and the wallet! Many of us are too busy to commit the hours a color change requires. Give your natural hair a break and consider using a topper to achieve that fresh, just-out-of-the-salon look! Here Erin is wearing the EasiHair Easipart HD 18". You can see how the highlights in Toffee Truffle (FS6/30/27) cover her long roots for that perfect summer glow. You will find your bio hair typically doesn't even have to be an exact match to your topper color. As long as the base color is within a shade or two of your natural hair it will blend seamlessly. 


  Whether you are experiencing hair thinning for the first time or have always had thinner natural texture, most of us could benefit from the added volume a topper offers. They are an instant way to achieve a hairstyle that looks red carpet ready. (Considering most celebrities are wearing some form of hair addition!) You can see right out of the box with no styling, the Belle Tress Lace Front Topper 14" in Butterbeer Blonde adds beautiful height and body. 

  Summers are packed full of graduation parties, weddings, and family gatherings that we want to feel our best at! Top pieces will help ease your mind and open the world of styling possibilities. Styles you couldn't wear before are now achievable with some helper hair. The Raquel Welch Top Billing in RL14/22SS offers full coverage and volume in the crown. At almost 12" it is long enough to be incorporated into an up do or braid, and the bonus of fringe without having to commit to a bang cut! 😉

    If you are finding yourself not ready for a full wig, we want you to know you have options! Toppers are a great transition piece. They are wonderful for summer being more light weight than a full wig. Consider a topper. I think you'll be happy you gave it a try! :)