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Have you ever tried on a wig and thought to yourself, "this looks nothing like it did on the model in the picture!". Maybe it was longer or shorter than expected. Maybe the shape looked just a bit off or the bangs seemed longer than they should be? These are common worries, but I would like to share a few thoughts with you to help!

We have all been created beautifully and uniquely, so we will all look just a little different in the same wig. To show this, I asked my fellow customer service reps to try on the same exact wig, and let me tell you, it looks SO different on all of us. 


First, here is Tawni (in yellow) and Leah (in black) in the Noriko Reese Large Cap in Chestnut.

When Tawni and Leah first saw their pictures side by side, they both said it doesn't even look like the same style! As you can see, Leah has a much longer neck than Tawni does, which makes the style almost look longer on Tawni. You can also see that they have very different head shapes as it looks more rounded on Tawni's head and more oblong on Leah. 

Next I have for you Mae (far left), Rachel (middle) and me (far right) in the Jon Renau Blair in the color 6.

 On Mae, this style would not be called "shoulder length" as it is nowhere near her shoulders, where as on Rachel or I, it is pretty close to shoulder length. There are so many things to take into account as you are searching for a style, and it can be easy to think it will look the same as on the model. 

Here is the Jon Renau Scarlet in 1BRH30 on Tawni (in yellow), Rachel (in blue), and Mae (in black). 

With the side view you can see how on Tawni, the curls are laying on her shoulders; on Rachel, they are just touching her shoulders; and on Mae, it is about an inch above her shoulders. 

Another thing I wanted to point out is how different a color can look in different lighting. On Tawni, where the background is much darker, the highlights are not as defined. The color on Mae and Rachel's is much more vibrant with the base and highlights. 

Here is Kari (in green) and Leah (in black) rocking the Belle Tress Caliente in Bombshell Blonde.

This one I think perfectly shows how the head and face shape really can make a difference in how the style will look on each person. 

AND NOW for the Grand Finale, I have captured seven of us ladies in the same exact wig, the HairDo Textured Fringe Bob in Rooted Golden Wheat.

 There you have it! The same exact wig can look SO different depending on the skin tone, face shape, neck length, and so much more! That is the fun part about wigs, no two will ever look identical. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next time!

Sincerely yours,


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  • Pam on

    Love your article. You know I may have not thought about the different face shapes or different head sizes that would make the wig look different on each person. What a eye opener.

  • Diane on

    Wow, what a great article! Love that you included so many pictures, it makes it so easy to see what you are explaining. Never thought head shape and neck length made such a difference. I’ll refer back to this next time I order a new ‘do’. 😉 Thank you!

  • Denise on

    This is fantastic! I’m definitely sharing this because it is so true. I think all of us who make videos should share our measurements to give perspective. I share mine but the one I dont have it my neck. I should add that. Thank you so much!

  • Katherine on

    What a fun article! Just started wearing wigs over my baby fine hair and love that I have a cute do in less than five minutes instead of the hour to curl and style. I tried wigs 20 years ago and gave up because they looked wiggy. The new ones are so natural and comfortable. Can’t wait for my new club10 to arrive,

  • Dorothy Grabowski on

    Puts a whole new perspective when picking out a style….love all your help…have been wearing wigs for 40 yr s…still need all the help I can get…LOL

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