The Curls You've Always Wanted

I was born with poker straight hair. When I was in elementary school, I had long hair that reached almost to my waist. I sat across from a girl that had a head full of curls and wow! I had serious hair envy. I had many conversations with her over lunch and recess breaks. We would always have the same old talk. I would say to her that I wished I had her curls, and she would say to me that she wished she had my straight long hair. After losing a lot of my hair over the years, I now have that curly hair that I always wanted. Yeah, it’s a wig... or is it...?


Let me tell you about the first curly wig that I fell in love with. And, I’ll be honest, I was terrified at first.  It was a lot of hair and I was not used to that.  Jamila Plus, by Ellen Wille, really grew on me. No pun intended. The fibers were amazingly soft and the temple-to-temple lace front gives you the option to pull the bangs away from the face. After getting comfortable with having a lot of hair, she soon became a favorite of mine. I’m wearing Jamila Plus in the color Light Honey Rooted.

Kim wearing Ellen Wille Jamila Plus


After getting my curl on, I was on the lookout for more! I found Storyville by Ellen Wille. This style is full of bouncy curls and has a beautiful lace front. Only weighing 3.2 ounces, she was another winner in my book. I have her in the color Sandy Blonde Rooted.

 Kim wearing Ellen Wille Storyville

Another cute, fun, curly style is Girl Mono by Ellen Wille. She has that impeccable temple-to-temple lace front and left mono part. I found that after spritzing her down with some water and leaving her on a wig head for a few days, the curls relaxed and I was in curl heaven.

 Kim wearing Girl Mono by Ellen Wille

I really stepped it up a notch and got myself Curl Appeal by Gabor. This one has that head full of curls that I always wanted when I was younger. I absolutely love wearing wigs! The joy and excitement it brings me. Not to mention that wigs allow me to have the hair of my dreams. I have three Curl Appeal wigs, I’m wearing her here in the color Hazelnut.

 Kim wearing Curl Appeal by Gabor

I wanted to try some longer curly styles, so I got Sarah by Jon Renau. Sarah has gorgeous wavy curls, a hand tied cap, and lace front. I thought I had gone back into my childhood and stolen my friend's hair. She has this same hair!  And now, I have it. Mine just came in a box, but hey at least I have it. I got my Sarah in the color 27T613F.

 Kim wearing Sarah by Jon Renau

Hudson, by Rene Of Paris, is another beauty. She kinda reminds me of a Sarah. She has spiral curls that fall past the shoulders. I gently combed through mine and Wow! I had me some va-va-voom hair! She has a lace front and left mono part. I have her in the color Ice Blonde.

 Kim wearing Hudson by Rene of Paris

Curly hair is not just a hairstyle, it is an attitude. Remember ladies, life isn’t perfect but your hair can be.

“You have to have fun with hair. It’s a great accessory- Play with it”  -Serge Normant