I think we could all agree there is such a thing as a bad wig! However, many times it's not that it's a bad wig, but rather it's not the best choice for us. 

For example, I believe anyone can pull off blonde, even if your natural hair is the furthest thing from it. It's all about finding the right blonde shade for you! Erin is a natural brunette. Here she is wearing the Jon Renau Cameron in 22F16. The tone is great for her as she needs a cool toned blonde vs a warm tone. However, the brightest of the blonde against her dark eyebrows is a stark contrast.

Here she is in the Jon Renau 24BT18S8 (Shaded Mocha).

You can see the simple addition of dark roots pairs with her darker eyebrows and ties the look together. This adds depth and a more natural appearance for her complexion than the 22F16 (non-rooted). If you are not a natural blonde, but want to try it out consider a color with rooting!


Face shape is another important factor. Erin has a round face shape. The first cut she tried would work for a heart or oval face shape, but since it hits right at her jaw line it makes her face appear rounder. This also makes her look very young (which could be nice depending on your age), but for Erin she is going for a more mature look.

A bob cut with layers and hitting below the chin compliments her beautifully! It has texture and dimension to break up the circle effect the last piece had. It's still a young, fresh look, but she now doesn't look like she's still in High School! :)

*Tip: Face shapes with defined jaw shape such as a square, or round need a bob cut that falls just below or above the jawline. Hitting right at the jawline will only emphasis it's shape making it appear more square, longer, or wider.

Rachel shows us a another example of this with her square face shape. 

The straight across bangs and cut hitting at her chin accentuates her square face shape and makes it look more boxy. 

The Amore Stevie is a longer, flowing style and a side swept bang verses the straight across cut softens her look and rounds out the edges of a square face. 

Erin and Rachel have opposite face shapes, and therefore need different cuts. Erin is aiming to define the roundess in her face, and Rachel trying to smooth out the edges of her square face. However, watching for similar factors such as where the cut fell, or the type of bangs they needed helped them find the cut most flattering.  

 Is there a wig fix you would like to be addressed? Let us know in the comments below!