1. Your Face-Shape 

You want to choose a style that accentuates your best features.

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PRO TIP  When choosing a style pay attention to the face shape of the model or reviewer you are looking at. We often make the mistake of thinking a style will look the exact same as it did on the model, the reality is we have our own unique beauty and that is what we want to keep in mind!

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2. Choosing the Right Hair Fiber

Knowing what type of hair fiber you want can make all the difference when choosing a style. The main variations of fiber are: Synthetic, Heat Defiant, and Human Hair. Depending on your lifestyle you will probably prefer one of these options over another.

Synthetic Fiber = are modacrylic fibers that have the look and feel of real hair. Synthetic hair has the ability to return to its original hair pattern after washing.

Heat Friendly or Heat Defiant = a synthetic fiber that can take a low amount of heat. Once heat is used on the style it will hold even after washing. Heat will need to be used again to change the hair pattern.

Human Hair = Durable and versatile, real human hair that can withstand heat just as bio hair can. Human hair will need to be re-styled after washing.

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PRO TIP  The type of fiber, Heat Defiant or Synthetic - etc.. are broad terms that spread amongst manufacturers, but as you become a wig expert you will start to notice that the thickness of the fiber can also vary amongst manufacturers.


3. Cap Size

Get the wrong cap size and you may find your wig sliding up off your forehead or being so tight that you end up with a head-ache. Below is a chart to help know where you fall:

>> Need to know how to measure? Click here for our measurement video.


4. Cap Construction 

Do I need Capless, Standard, Monofilament, or 100% Hand-Tied?

This becomes important for making your wig look like the most natural fit on you. Cap construction also will have an impact on your daily styling needs or preferences. For instance if you are wanting to change the part on your wig then you will want either a mono/monofilament part or mono/monofilament top.

Quick Overview:

Capless (or Open Cap) = light-weight and cool, not as versatile for styling

Standard (or Traditional Cap) = gives lots of volume, durable, not as easy to change the part

Monofilament (or Mono) = realistic looking, able to change the part, not as much permatease

100% Hand-Tied = every strand is hand sewn into the cap giving ultimate versatility.

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5. Re-Cap Checklist:

Do I know:
My Face Shape?
My Color?
My Desired Fiber?
My Cap Size?
My Cap Construction?

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