Top Wig Wearing Tips from 2022 - Pro tips, wear your wig naturally.

Top Wig Wearing Tips From 2022

Looking back on a fabulous 2022, we decided to round-up all of our favorite and most helpful tips from last year! Each tip we have collected is from past blogs, so buckle up, grab a glass of hot cocoa and enjoy our top tips from 2022.

Tip #1- Personalize your Wig to make it look More Natural

Styling your wig into a braid, ponytail or up-do can create a more natural looking appearance. The more you interact with your hair, the more it looks realistic. For example, if your wig hair is pulled back in a ponytail, or pushed behind your ear, it mimics how people naturally interact with their bio hair. Alternatively, if the wig just sits on your head, then people might be keener to sense something is off. That is why I suggest putting your hair into fun up-dos or add accessories to create a more natural look!

This tip came from the blog "Top Steps to Achieve Natural Looking Wigs”. Click here to go to that blog and learn more.


Tip #2- Trim the Wig to Help Frizzing Ends

If you have tried conditioning the wig, and using smooth detangler, and it still has stubborn frizzy ends, we suggest trying to clip some of the trouble pieces. If you feel comfortable, you can carefully trim off some of the frizzy ends to help clean up the style. 

If your hairpiece needs more than just a clipping of a rough fiber here or there and could use a full trim, we recommend you bring your wig to a professional to cut.

This tip came from the blog "Do I need a new Wig?". Click here to go to that blog and learn more.


Tip #3- Use A Cool, Inexpensive Wig for Exercising

The ideal wig to use while exercising would be lightweight, inexpensive, and cool. Open wefted wigs are going to be the best while you are active, allowing for plenty of air flow to help cool you down. We would suggest wearing synthetic hair fiber because it is more lightweight than human hair, less expensive, and will hold your style while working out. Also, depending on your wear and tear routine with a wig, it can be better to avoid a lace front wig because you do not want them to tear while you are being active.

This tip came from the blog "Tips for Wearing a Wig While Exercising”. Click here to go to that blog and learn more.


Tip #4- To Identify a Scam, Pay Attention to the Product's Name

Scam sites can take photos from authentic products and then change the title of the product. Instead of the correct brand name or product names, they might have generic descriptions and keywords such as “long wavy,” “short curly,” or “with bangs.” 

Here are some wigs listed on a scam site. The ones outlined are pictures of Envy wigs, but they are not labeled as such. The names of the products are generic descriptions.
This is our website, with the proper label for these products:

This tip came from the blog "5 Tips to Identify a Wig Scam Site”. Click here to go to that blog and learn more.


Tip #5- Wash, Reshape, and Condition your Curly Wigs

Wash your curly wig regularly. Some people prefer to place the hairnet on their curly wig when washing to avoid weighing down and separating the curls. Generally a wig should be washed after around 8-10 wears, although this can vary per person.

Prioritize deep conditioning treatment when washing. Use a leave in conditioner after you’ve had the wig for a while.

Take a little time to reshape the curls after washing by using your fingers. Try twisting curls in the opposite direction if you notice that your curls are not bouncing back properly.

Regular combs and hairbrushes will ruin the wig curls and can leave your style looking frizzy. Wide tooth combs are the best to use on curly hair styles!

This tip came from the blog "How To Unbox A Curly Wig". Click here to go to that blog and learn more.


Final Thoughts

We hope you appreciated this collection of our favorite wig tips from last year! If you have a favorite you learned and didn't see on this list, feel free to reach out and let us know! Thanks for reading and SHARE with a friend you know who would love to read this! 

-NBW Team

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