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EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781) Human Hair Enhancer EasiHair 1.
EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781) Human Hair Enhancer EasiHair 2.
EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781) Human Hair Enhancer EasiHair 3.
EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781) Human Hair Enhancer EasiHair 4.
EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781) Human Hair Enhancer EasiHair 5.
EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781) Human Hair Enhancer EasiHair 6.
Color 1B (Hot Fudge) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Soft darkest black.
Color 4 (Brownie Finale) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Dark brown.
Color 4RN (Natural Dark Brown) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Blend of dark brown.
Color 4/27/30 (Brownie Blondies) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Blend of dark brown base, light strawberry blonde highlights, and warm auburn lowlights.
Color 4/33 (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Dark brown base with burgundy brown highlights.
Color 6 (Fudgesicle) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium dark brown.
Color 6RN (Natural Brown) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Dark brown blend.
Color 6F27 (Caramel Ribbon) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Brown with natural strawberry blonde highlights and tips.
Color 6/33 (Raspberry Twist) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Blend of medium warm toned brown and subtle copper brown woven throughout.
Color 8 (Cocoa) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Light ashy brown.
Color 8RN (Natural Warm Brown) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Coppery auburn base with a golden blonde undertone.
Color 8/30 (Cocoa Twist) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium brown with a warm golden undertone and natural copper blonde blend.
Color 10H24B (English Toffee) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Light Brown with 20% Light Gold Blonde Highlights.
Color 12/30BT (Rootbeer Float) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Dark blonde, medium red and golden blonde natural blend with a lighter tips.
Color 14/24 (Creme Soda) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Blend of medium blonde, ash blonde, and golden blonde.
Color 22MB (Poppy Seed) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Light ash blonde and light natural gold blonde blend.
Color 27B (Peach Tart) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Strawberry blonde base with red blonde and golden blonde woven throughout.
Color 27MB (Strawberry Shortcake) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium copper red base with golden blonde highlights.
Color 31/26 (Maple Syrup) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium natural red blown and meduim red-gold blonde blend.
Color 33 (Boysenberry Treat) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium reddish brown base.
Color 613RN (Natural Pale Blonde) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Pale natural gold blonde.
Color 12FS8 (Shaded Praline) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium brown roots and a light brown, light blonde and pale blonde blend with a golden undertone.
Color 12FS12 (Malibu Blonde) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Natural sunkissed blonde that has a honey blond base, lighter cream and wheat blonde highlights, and a medium brown root.
Color 14/26S10 (Shaded Pralines n Cream) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Ash blonde, medium red, and golden blonde blend with a medium brown rooting.
Color 22F16S8 (Venice Blonde) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium brown root with a cool blend of light ash blonde, dark blonde and golden blonde.
Color 24B/27CS10 (Shaded Butterscotch) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Golden blonde and warm redish gold blonde blend.
Color 24B613S12 (Shaded Butter Popcorn) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium natural ash blonde and pale natural gold blonde blend tipped. Shaded with light gold brown.
Color 24B18S8 (Shaded Mocha) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Medium brown roots with wheat, honey and golden blonde blend.
Color FS2V/31V (Chocolate Cherry) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Black base with a violet undertone, crimson red, and violet mahogany highlights.
Color FS4/33/30A (Midnight Cocoa) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Dark brown base with medium red brown and chestnut chunky highlights.
Color FS6/30/27 (Toffee Truffle) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Chestnut brown and auburn blend with golden copper highlights.
Color FS17/101S18 (Palm Springs Blonde) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Light ash blonde with white highlights and a dark ash blonde root.
Color FS24/102S12 (Laguna Blonde) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Pale creamy blonde base with subtle honey blonde woven throughout and a light golden brown root.
Color FS26/31S6 (Salted Caramel) for EasiHair EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781). Dark brown rooted auburn base with heavy golden copper highlights.

EasiHair - EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781) - Human Hair

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Colors Available
12FS8 (Shaded Praline)
6 (Fudgesicle)
4 (Brownie Finale)
1B (Hot Fudge)
24B613S12 (Shaded Butter Popcorn)
10H24B (English Toffee)
FS24/102S12 (Laguna Blonde)
12FS12 (Malibu Blonde)
8 (Cocoa)
14/24 (Creme Soda)
14/26S10 (Shaded Pralines n Cream)
22MB (Poppy Seed)
12/30BT (Rootbeer Float)
6RN (Natural Brown)
31/26 (Maple Syrup)
6/33 (Raspberry Twist)
4/27/30 (Brownie Blondies)
FS6/30/27 (Toffee Truffle)
22F16S8 (Venice Blonde)
27B (Peach Tart)
FS26/31S6 (Salted Caramel)
FS2V/31V (Chocolate Cherry)
24B18S8 (Shaded Mocha)
24B/27CS10 (Shaded Butterscotch)
4/33 (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle)
4RN (Natural Dark Brown)
FS4/33/30A (Midnight Cocoa)
33 (Boysenberry Treat)
27MB (Strawberry Shortcake)
8RN (Natural Warm Brown)
8/30 (Cocoa Twist)
613RN (Natural Pale Blonde)
6F27 (Caramel Ribbon)
FS17/101S18 (Palm Springs Blonde)
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  • Color Chart - EasiHair


Wig Features: 100% Remy Human Hair, Lay Down PU Weft

100% Remy Human Hair Volumizing additions

Designed with an undetectable low profile, clip-in easiPieces add subtle, balancing volume that complements a lightweight topper for a full, natural look. Made with the highest quality remy human hair on slim, slender polyurethane base designs

– easiPieces are available in three hair lengths: 8", 12" & 16" and widths: 4", 6" & 9" 

Length: 8"
Base: 6" wide
Weight: 10.5 grams

Model is wearing: 
2 - Easipieces 12" L x 4" W (each side)

Color Shown: FS4/33/30A (Midnight Cocoa)

Wig Colors: 1B (Hot Fudge), 4 (Brownie Finale), 4RN (Natural Dark Brown),  4/27/30 (Brownie Blondies), 4/33 (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle), 6 (Fudgesicle), 6RN (Natural Brown), 6F27 (Caramel Ribbon), 6/33 (Raspberry Twist),  8 (Cocoa), 8RN (Natural Warm Brown), 8/30 (Cocoa Twist), 10H24B (English Toffee), 12/30BT (Rootbeer Float), 14/24 (Creme Soda), 22MB (Poppy Seed), 27B (Peach Tart), 27MB (Strawberry Shortcake), 31/26 (Maple Syrup), 33 (Boysenberry Treat), 613RN (Natural Pale Blonde), 12FS8 (Shaded Praline), 12FS12 (Malibu Blonde), 14/26S10 (Shaded Praline N Cream), 22F16S8 (Venice Blonde), 24B/27CS10 (Shaded Butterscotch), 24B613S12 (Shaded Butter Popcorn), 24B18S8 (Shaded Mocha), FS2V/31V (Chocolate Cherry), FS4/33/30A (Midnight Cocoa), FS6/30/27 (Toffee Truffle), FS17/101S18 (Palm Springs Blonde), FS24/102S12 (Laguna Blonde), FS26/31S6 (Salted Caramel)

See also: EasiPieces 8" L x 4" W & EasiPieces 8" L x 9" W

Color Chart - EasiHair

On-screen color quality may vary depending on your monitor's resolution.

  Brunettes | BlondesReds |  Charmed |  Syrup |  ShadedGrays|  EasiLites 


Hot Fudge


Nutty Fudge


Chocolate Souffle


Black Cherry

2 Blended
w/ 33


Brownie Finale

Medium Dark





Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

4 Blended
w/ 33



Medium Chestnut



Raspberry Twist

6  Blended
w/ 33



Light Chestnut


Cocoa Twist

8 Blended
w/ 30


Luscious Caramel

Medium Golden


English Toffee

Medium Golden
Brown w/
Golden Blond


Coffee Cake

Light Golden


Pecan Praline


Root Beer Float

12 Blended
w/ 30






Creme Soda

Light Golden Blonde
Mixed w/ 24



Banana Creme

Ash Blonde
Mixed w/ 22


Poppy Seed

22 Blended
w/ 613


Honey Glaze

Golden Blonde
w/ Hint of Red



Butter Popcorn

24 Blended
w/ 613


Creme Brulee

Golden Blonde



24B Blended
w/ 27C


Banana Split

Light Golden
Blonde Blend



18 w/ 
24B Tips 


White Chocolate 




Fire N Ice



Peach Tart



Strawberry Shortcake

27 Blended
w/ Red Tones


Cinnamon Toast

8/30 w/
27 Tips



27 w/
613 Tips


Strawberry Shortcake


Hot Pepper

Medium Red


Maple Syrup




Cherry Twist

Light Auburn


Boysenberry Treat



Pumpkin Spice


Cherry Cobbler




Nutty Fudge


Twisted Fudge




6/8/10 12/14/24/18 12/24B/104 14/24B/27B 14/27/613
Twisted Cocoa Twisted Praline Twisted Creme Twisted Marshmallow
24B/613/102 613/102 27/27B/27C 130/28/30A 130/31/33
Twisted Popcorn  White Swirl Twisted Pumpkin Twisted Cherry

More than the standard highlighting, and a little less than chunky

FS10 FS10/16 FS12/24B FS12/26RN FS24/32
Toffee Syrup Raspberry Syrup
10 & 12 Blend Streaked w/ 24 & 613 24 Streaked
w/ 32
FS26/31 FS27 FS613/24B
Caramel Syrup Strawberry Syrup Honey Syrup
31 Streaked
w/ 26
27 & 33 Blended w/ Streaks of Basic Blondes 24B Streaked
w/ 613



24B27CS10 24B613S12 24BT18S8 1426S10



Lt Natural Gold Blonde w/ Pale Natural Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, Shaded w/ Light Gold Brown


Lt Gold Brown, Lt Natural Gold Blonde & Pale Natural Gold-Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Lt Gold Brown


Lt Ash Blonde w/ Pure White Natural Bold Highlights, Shaded w/ Dk Natural Ash Blonde



Lt Ash Blonde & Lt Natural Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Med Brown




34 38 39 44 48
Peppercorn Milkshake Cookies N Cream Marble Fudge Apple Strudel
Dark Brown
w/ 5% Grey
Medium Brown
w/ 35% Grey
Light Ash Brown
w/ 75% Grey
Darkest Brown
w/ 65% Grey
Light Brown
w/ 5% Grey
51 56 59 60 92
Licorice Twist Vanilla Marble Winter Sun Chunky Monkey
Grey w/
30% Medium Brown
Grey w/
10% Chestnut Brown
56, 51, 44
Front to Back


Blueberry Icy Mint Green Lemon Tart Bubblegum
Red Hots Grape Jelly Plum Pudding Blackberry 31
1B 6 24B 613 27
Hot Fudge Fudgesicle Honey Glaze White Chocolate Fire N Ice
Black Medium Chestnut
Golden Blonde
w/ Hint of Red

How to Choose the Right Wig

Beginner Basics Header

1. Identify the coverage needed.

The first step is determining what type of product is best for you. Here at Name Brand Wigs we have an array of options, but if you are not ready or not looking for a full wig then we carry top pieces, ¾ wigs, extensions, and halos. You can check out all of our wig additions here.

2. Find your fit!

Sizing is important and can make a world of difference when it comes to comfort. The majority of the wigs we carry will have adjustable straps on the inside. However, it is still important to know where to start. We have a helpful chart and video to show you how to measure your head, and decide what category you fall into. If you find yourself in between two categories, choose the larger size. The front of a wig should be worn where your natural hairline would start, and you should use the ear tabs inside the wig to line it up. Click here for our measurement video.

3. Identify your cap needs:

The cap is the base of the wig onto which hair is attached. Wigs are available with several different types of caps, and each cap type has its own distinct advantages. The four cap designs are Capless, Standard, 100% Hand Tied, and Monofilament.

Monofilament Caps
Double Mono Top

Read our blog post on cap types that explains the differences further!

4. Find the right fiber!

Alternative Hair fiber can be categorized into the following: Synthetic, Heat Defiant or Heat Friendly, Human Hair, Remy Human Hair, or Human Hair Blend. See the charts below for the descriptions of each fiber type.

Synthetic Fiber:
Wigs made primarily of modacrylic fibers that have the look and feel of real hair. This fiber is very low maintenance and convenient. The fibers have built in memory which allows the original style to be restored after washing.

Heat Friendly or Heat Defiant:
A synthetic fiber that can withstand a low amount of heat. A heat friendly wig is pre-styled, but you have the flexibility to curl or flat iron to change the look. Once the style has been changed with heat it will hold, even after washing, and a heat source must be used again to change it. The fiber also tends to have a coarser, moldable texture than standard synthetic.

Human Hair:
Wigs made of human hair are primarily cut in India and China. Wigs made with Human Hair are very durable, and can withstand heat and products just like bio hair. However, they require more upkeep than synthetic wigs and must be styled on a regular basis. Generally speaking, Human Hair wigs are much heavier than their Synthetic counterpart, and will typically hold up longer.

Remy Human Hair:
Human hair that has not been weakened by stripping. Unlike most human hair used in wigs and hairpieces, Remy hair is created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle in place. The result is stronger, superior hair. To avoid tangling, Remy hair strands must all be aligned so the cuticle runs in the same direction. Remy hair is more expensive than cuticle-free human hair.

Human Hair Blend:
A blend of human hair and heat friendly fibers. These wigs should be cared for as a heat friendly item as they are typically composed of a much higher percentage of heat friendly fibers.


5. Determine what Style and Length you are looking for:

We have a huge selection, equaling thousands of options. This can be a bit overwhelming to a new wig wearer. Take advantage of the filtering on our website to narrow down our styles by length, hair texture, or cap features. A great place to start is our customer’s favorite page. You can trust these are tried and true favorites, as they are the wigs getting the best reviews from other wig wearers like you!

Check out our face shape blog for recommendations on what style types will work best with your face shape.

6. Find your color!

Once you have a style narrowed down, you will know what your color options are, as each brand makes their own set of colors. We have online color swatches as guides for all colors. If you would like to see the swatches in person you can order a color ring here.

It’s awesome to see how big and supportive the online wig community has become over the years. Social media and YouTube are great resources for finding additional information. We review many of our products to help you get a better idea of color and style right out of the box here on our YouTube Channel.
If you would like further ideas as to what colors will best compliment your skin tone, check out our color tone guide here. You can also read our color tone blog for more information!


7. Get the proper care products

Once you find the perfect piece, you need the right care products to get the most out of it. Different hair fibers require different care: Shampoo & Conditioner, Wig Spray, Detangler, Wig Cap, and Wig Brush or Comb.
accessory checklist

8. Give yourself some grace!

You might not get the perfect wig on the first try. It takes time to get the hang of this wig thing, and sometimes a little trial and error to find what brand, cap, or style might work best for you. We were all new to the world of wigs at one time. Don’t get discouraged, you’ll be a wig expert before you know it!

9. Don't forget we are here to help.

Our trained team has years of experience working with and learning about the products we offer, along with staying up to date on the newest innovations. We will go above and beyond to help you find the perfect piece! If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to help walk this new journey with you!

What do all those color numbers mean?!

1. Every brand has a unique color system and name - we have listed them all here so you can see what the description of your color is: Color Charts |

    EXTRA TIP: When you are viewing a product you can also find the color description for that brand under “Color Chart”

    2. Check out the Top Ten colors for these brands (they are top 10 for a reason)! Color Tone Guide | We have organized them by tone to help you decide if you would like to go with a warm, cool, or neutral color.

    3. YouTube! So many Youtube Reviewers have done an amazing job building a community that shares the facts and details on wig color, style, and more.

    EXTRA TIP: When Searching For a Review - Notice the lighting you are seeing the wig in (natural or in-doors will look different), Note the reviewer’s face shape and skin tone because it is likely different from yours.

    A couple of our favorite reviewers are Let's Talk With Kim & Wear Wigs with Me.

    4. Model Color - Many times the model is wearing the color you are looking for. Always take a look at the listing of the color/s the model is wearing, listed on every product page.

    5. Order a Color Ring - Color Rings | If you are wanting a tangible sample of hair then this is a great option. Our color rings give you a small swatch of each color. Color Rings are divided by brands and are fully refundable upon return, you just cover the shipping!

    Keep in Mind - color swatches are small samples of the colors and will not show how the style comes highlighted.

    6. Lastly, We have an amazing customer service team that is ready to answer your color questions! Bring your research to them and get their advice on a few options if you have gotten stuck choosing.

  1. Your Face-Shape > You want to choose a style that accentuates your best features.
  2. Our guide to discovering your face shape - Wigs and Face Shapes |

    Our Blog with Photo Reference to your face shape. Summer Short Cut |

    EXTRA TIP: When choosing a style pay attention to the face shape of the model or reviewer you are looking at. We often make the mistake of thinking a style will look the exact same as it did on the model, the reality is we have our own unique beauty and that is what we want to keep in mind!

    1. Color > Best Tips for Choosing a Wig Color (See Above)
    2. Choosing the Right Hair Fiber -

    Knowing what type of hair fiber you want can make all the difference when choosing a style. The main variations of fiber are: Synthetic, Heat Defiant, and Human Hair. Depending on your lifestyle you will probably prefer one of these options over another.

    Synthetic Fiber = are modacrylic fibers that have the look and feel of real hair. Synthetic hair has the ability to return to its original hair pattern after washing.

    Heat Friendly or Heat Defiant = a synthetic fiber that can take a low amount of heat. Once heat is used on the style it will hold even after washing. Heat will need to be used again to change the hair pattern.

    Human Hair = Durable and versatile, real human hair that can withstand heat just as bio hair can. Human hair will need to be re-styled after washing.

    >> Want to read more in depth about fiber, Remy Human Hair, Or Human Hair Blends - check out Section 4 in our Beginner Basics |

    Extra TIP: The type of fiber, Heat Defiant or Synthetic - etc.. are broad terms that spread amongst manufacturers, but as you become a wig expert you will start to notice that the thickness of the fiber can also vary amongst manufacturers.

    Cap Size

    Get the wrong cap size and you may find your wig sliding up off your forehead or being so tight that you end up with a head-ache. Below is a chart to help know where you fall:

    >> Need to know how to measure? Watch our measurement video.

  3. Cap Construction - Do I need Capless, Standard, Monofilament, or 100% Hand-Tied?
  4. This becomes important for making your wig look like the most natural fit on you. Cap construction also will have an impact on your daily styling needs or preferences. For instance if you are wanting to change the part on your wig then you will want either a mono/monofilament part or mono/monofilament top.

    Quick Synopsis:

    Capless (or Open Cap) = light-weight and cool, not as versatile for styling

    Standard (or Traditional Cap) = gives lots of volume, durable, not as easy to change the part

    Monofilament (or Mono) = realistic looking, able to change the part, not as much permatease

    100% Hand-Tied = every strand is hand sewn into the cap giving ultimate versatility.

    >> Need to know more, want pictures? - Check out Section 3 in our Beginner Basics |

    Re-Cap Checklist:

    Do I know:

    My Face Shape?

    My Color?

    My Desired Fiber?

    My Cap Size?

    My Cap Construction?

    If you have further questions or would like help please feel free to contact us!

    Call: 320-685-7100


    General Wig Care Tips

    Congratulations! Heat Friendly hairpieces can be a wonderful investment and are a great way to be able to customize your style. Having a heat friendly style can also provide a unique and different journey than your other synthetic pieces. This guide will go through the basics of taking care of your heat friendly piece.

    How to correctly care for your heat friendly hair might be the most important key to the longevity of it. If you follow these directions and tips, it should be smooth sailing form here!

    Make sure to use a wide tooth comb. Wire brushes strip heat-friendly fibers of their properties, making them deteriorate a lot faster than normal and they become more susceptible to damage. Using a brush also pulls the fiber down, and when it springs up it frizzes and tangles with fibers around it. Instead, use a wide tooth comb! These are much safer for regular synthetics as well.

    It is very important to be gentle. Heat friendly fiber is prone to tangling and doesn’t react to friction well. To help with that, try to limit the friction on your style. For example, try to use your fingers to brush and manipulate, versus using a comb all the time.

    A good thing to do is to check your wig after every wear. Due to the delicate nature of this fiber, it is important to check it after every wear in order to prevent tangling and frizzing. The nape and any place that touches your body or clothing is the most vulnerable to friction and thus, tangling. If you notice tangling, make sure to tend to it right away. Mist 3-5 pumps around the wig, or directly target the affected area with Jon Renau’s HD Smooth Detangler. Focus on the ends and nape, and stay away from any hand tied portions of the cap. Conditioners and detanglers will loosen knots and can cause hair loss in any hand tied areas. Use a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles, starting at the ends, and work your way up to the base of the cap.

    Try an updo! With long wigs, be creative with your styling every once in a while to limit the friction of the wig against your clothing and neck. This will help minimize the frizzing. For example, braid the long hair, put it into a low pony, or a nice low bun to minimize the movement on your neck and back.

    Lastly, we recommend storing your wigs either on a stand, mannequin head, or if need be, in the original box. Ideally, your wig will be stored with the hair fibers falling in a natural manner, and not being tousled, tangled, or rubbed frequently.

    We recommend washing your piece every six to ten wears. While washing the style helps clean the wig and revive some of the curls and pattern, heat friendly fibers tend to be more susceptible to friction and frizzing during the process. Limiting the times you wash your wig will improve the longevity.

    As said earlier, avoid conditioner on your monofilaments or lace fronts. Conditioner is meant to detangle, and will loosen the hand knotting, which can cause strands to eventually shed from your lace front or monofilament.

    Another thing to avoid is brushing the hairpiece when it is still wet. This will stretch the fiber when it is in a compromised state.

    Use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for synthetic wigs. This will keep your hairpiece looking their best. Regular shampoos and conditioners have added sulfates, chemicals, and dyes that can damage synthetic and processed human hair. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the intended lifespan out of your style, make sure to use the correct products for that hair type.

    Lastly, no setting is necessary after you wash the piece; curls will snap back into position when the hairpiece is completely dry. Make sure to store hair similar to the way it is to be worn.

    Heat Friendly products are able to withstand a low amount of heat from styling tools. Always be aware of your styling tool's settings and do not go above 280 degrees.

    Before you dive in to restyle your heat friendly wig, keep in mind it is extremely difficult to get the original style back. Once you alter the style with heat, it will stay in that style, even if you wash it, it will stay in the style it was heat baked to.

    Something to keep in mind is heat styling your heat friendly wig will take longer than styling normal bio hair. When curling the hair, it is recommended to hold the curl in place until the fiber cools. If you let it go right away, the curl will cool in a flat position.

    As said earlier, make sure to only use products specifically suited to synthetic hair fiber. We highly suggest using Jon Renau's Heat Defiant Smooth Detangler anytime you are wearing a heat friendly piece. We also recommend using a heat protectant when using heat to style your piece. This will prevent frizzing and will help your ends stay looking their best!

    Below we have a video that breaks down what products we recommend and the process that is best for using heating tools for your heat friendly hair. The video goes through straightening the hair and curling it.

    Check out our Heat Friendly Care products:

    Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb (#WC-WT)

    Jon Renau Shampoo for Synthetic Hair (#JR-WS1)

    Jon Renau Conditioning Spray (#TS-CS)

    Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler (#HD-SD)

    Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray (#HT-TS)

    HAIRUWEAR Restore Conditioner (#LVCOND)

    It is very important to always put your wig on using the back or the ear tabs on each side.
    Many people out of habit will put their wig on or even adjust throughout the day using the front lace itself.
    You NEVER want to pull on the lace front, as tugging on the lace will lead to tearing or fraying.
    Usually a sign of this is lace that has started to unravel in mainly one spot, and is about the size of the tip of your finger.
    Be careful to avoid using conditioner on your lace front.
    Conditioner is meant to de-tangle, and will loosen the hand knotting, which can cause strands to eventually shed from your lace front.
    Also, take care not to brush too hard near the lace.
    This is where proper sizing is so important.
    If the wig is too tight or big it will shift throughout the day.
    Constant movement will contribute to rubbing and friction.
    A lace front glue or tape will help keep your lace front in place.
    We love It Stays as it keeps the wig secure, and is removable with water
    Majority of the lace fronts we carry come pre-cut.
    However, if you would like to cut your lace front further, or if you would like to cut a section that has started to fray you should always use a Pinking Shear.
    Makeup such as foundation or powder can really help blend the lace in with your skin tone.
    This also gives your front hairline a softer finish.
    If it is an option, you can pull your own hair forward to blend, or can cut a few strands shorter along your hairline to give that natural "baby hair" effect.
    (Just make sure to have a professional help with any altering, or experiment on an older style first).

    The 6 Things You Need to Know About Washing Your Synthetic Wig

    Let’s talk wig care! You have been wearing your absolute favorite style… you know, the one you wear to the dentist, the doctors, your date night out, and pretty much everywhere! You start to notice it doesn’t have quite as much bounce and vibrancy as it did when you first took it out of the box. I’m guessing, and correct me if I am wrong, there is a chance you haven’t washed it in a while. No worries, this is bound to happen with the wig you love and don’t want to put down. But now the question now is, where do you start?

    Thankfully, washing your wig is a pretty easy process that will leave it looking instantly refreshed and back in action in no time. If you have never washed your wig before, the first couple times through the process might feel a little intimidating, but that is why we are here; to make the process as easy as possible. Your favorite wig is an investment, and one you want to not only take care of, but more importantly, not ruin. Fortunately, we have done our research and come up with our best tips for washing your wig.

    To begin, gather the supplies you are going to need.

    • An open and clean sink you can easily work around.
    • A wide tooth comb.
    • Shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for the specific hair fiber you are washing.
    • A soft, clean towel
    • Wig stand

    The essential basics of taking care of your wig

    First let’s break down the basics. We suggest washing your wig around every six to ten wears depending on your lifestyle. Some people decide they can wait longer to wash their wig and others find they need to wash it sooner. Lifestyle plays a role because if you tend to use more product on your wig then it creates build-up after a while. If you are the active type, then workout routines may result in some sweat building up in the cap of your wig. For synthetic hair, a good wash will not only clean the inside of the cap but, it will also refresh the built-in style or hair pattern.

    1. Prep Your Wig

    Before you even start the washing process gently brush through your wig, removing any tangles or knots. A wide tooth comb just like this one (Jon Renau - Wide Tooth Comb) is a favorite of ours for brushing all different hair types and textures. Using the correct comb for your piece can be essential to keeping the fibers safe. A wide tooth comb is a great option for most styles!

    2. Rinse Your Wig

    Place your hand inside the cap, holding the wig at the top. Turn the temperature of the water to lukewarm or cool (make sure it is not too hot) and run it over the entire wig including the cap and all of the hair. You can use your favorite shampoo formulated for synthetic hair. If you do not have one, take a look at some of our customer-approved name brand favorites:

    Jon Renau - Fiber Love Shampoo for Synthetic Hair

    BeautiMark - Shampoo

    Brandywine - Shampoo for Synthetic and Human Hair

    3. Shampoo Your Wig

    Once the hair is wet pour about a quarter size amount of shampoo in your hand to begin. Then slowly lather through the hair, only adding more shampoo as needed. Make sure the hair stays traveling in the same direction. You will also want to avoid excessive rubbing as this can be hard on the fiber and lead to tangling. Once the hair is well shampooed begin to rinse with lukewarm to cool water. As soon as the water runs clean and you are not seeing any suds or left-over soap residue in the hair you can begin the next step.

    4. Condition Your Wig

    While the wig is still wet you are going to want to apply conditioner. Conditioner is important because it will help protect your wig fiber. Here at Name Brand Wigs/Joshua24, there are two different types of conditioner that you could use. The first is a squeeze-bottle conditioner that you would apply to the wig just as you did with the shampoo. The other option would be a leave-in conditioner which many brands have started to provide.

    If you choose the squeeze-bottle conditioner, take a small amount and gently run it through the hair, focusing on the bottom three-quarters of the wig. Make sure to keep the conditioner away from the roots and very top of the wig cap because it can loosen the knotting after a while. Rinse the conditioner out with lukewarm water.

    If you choose the leave-in conditioner then you will want to first gently dry the hair with a towel so that it is still damp and not excessively dripping with water. Spritz the hair with a few pumps of conditioner and again, gently being the key word, use your fingertips to make sure it is well distributed. Even with this leave-in conditioner you want to focus on the ends of the hair to about halfway up the hair for longer styles. Remember to be especially careful not to get too much conditioner on the cap when it comes to lace or monofilament tops. Because the conditioner is meant to detangle, it will do just that and eventually loosen the hand tied knots on the cap causing strands to fall out. You do not have to worry about this as much with a traditional cap.

    Here are some well loved synthetic fiber conditioners:

    Jon Renau - Fiber Love Conditioning Spray

    BeautiMark - Leave In Conditioner

    Brandywine - Conditioner

    5. Dry Your Wig

    After washing and conditioning your wig (I bet she is smelling pretty fresh right now!) wrap the hair in a towel to pat off any excess water (do not rub the hair). Now place it on a wig stand and allow it to naturally air dry. If you have a very curly style, you can prop a book up underneath the curls to keep them from stretching and losing their form. This will take some of the tension off the curls as they dry.

    6. The Finishing Touch

    You are almost there, but we have one more helpful tip for you! Once the hair is dry you can apply some HD Smooth Detangling Spray to your wig and this will give it some extra protection along with keeping those fibers tame. This is highly recommended for heat friendly and mid to longer styles. When spraying it on, focus on the bottom of half of the hairpiece. We suggest using your fingertips or a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute it throughout your style. And there you go, you have made it! Your piece is fresh, vibrant, and ready for days of wear!

    Summary of the essentials

    Let’s re-cap a couple of our most helpful tips:

    • Keep in mind when conditioning, avoid the very top of your monofilament or lace front wigs. Conditioner is meant to detangle, and will loosen the hand knotting, which can cause strands to eventually shed from your lace front or monofilament.
    • Another thing to avoid is brushing the hairpiece when it is still wet. This will stretch the fiber when it is in a compromised state.
    • Always use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for synthetic wigs. This will keep your hairpiece looking its best. Regular shampoos and conditioners have added sulfates, chemicals, and dyes that can damage synthetic and processed human hair. If you want to ensure that you are getting the intended lifespan out of your style, make sure to use the correct products for that hair type.
    • Lastly, no setting is necessary after you wash the piece; curls will snap back into position when the hairpiece is completely dry. Make sure to store hair similar to the way it will be worn.

    Thanks for joining us on our wig-washing journey! We hope these tips bring your hair all the love it needs and keeps you feeling amazing! aims to provide you with the lowest prices possible. We have many customers come to rely on our quality products at the lowest cost available year after year. Please see below for our return policy.

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