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Henry Margu Additions : Charm (#8220) front 1

Henry Margu Wigs - Charm (#8220)

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Now it's possible to achieve a quick fashion fix with Mane Attraction hairpieces from Henry Margu. Amazingly easy to wear, these beautiful hair additions are ultra comfortable and will complement any lifestyle.

Quick combs butterfly comb hairpiece.

Overall Length: 7"
: 1.7 oz

**8205 Charm has been discontinued and replaced with 8220 Charm, which is a reproduction of 8205 with updated highlighting.

Color Shown: 14H, 88H

Wig Colors:
1H, 1BH, 4H, 6H, 8H, 12AH, 12H, 14H, 16H, 24H18, 26H, 27AH, 27/26H, 29H, 30H, 33H, 38, 44, 51, 56, 60, 88H, 130H, 131H, 614H, 2500H

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